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Is Honda Rebel 500 Good for Long Distance?

Whether you’re planning a road trip or just like the feel of lengthy drives, it’s essential to know if your Honda Rebel 500 can manage those long distances. 

So, how well does the Rebel 500 do when compared to other motorcycles? 

Overall, the Honda Rebel 500 is pretty good for long distances. It performs rather well at high speeds and on dirt roads and gets excellent gas mileage. On the flip side, though, the stock seat is uncomfortable, and the fuel tank is a bit small. 

In this article, I will list the pros and cons of taking a Honda Rebel 500 on long drives. 

Then, I will discuss other key aspects of the Rebel 500, such as how long you can expect it to last and whether it has a phone charger. 

Finally, I’ll end by detailing the best motorcycles for long-distance riding. 

4 Pros of the Honda Rebel 500 on Long Trips

Black and white photo of Honda Rebel 500 parked on the side of the road.

Since the Honda Rebel 500 is a pretty good bike for long distances, there are plenty of pros for taking it on lengthy trips. 

Pro One: Performs Well at High Speeds 

Although it definitely isn’t one of the fastest bikes you can buy, the Honda Rebel 500 performs well at high speeds. 

Overall, you can expect your Rebel 500 to easily sustain speeds of 80 mph (129 kph), which is the higher side of most countries’ highway speed limits. 

Yet, if you want extra speed, the bike can get up to 110 mph (177 kph). 

Pro Two: Doesn’t Overheat Easily 

When it comes to riding your Honda Rebel 500 for long distances in hot weather, have no worry! 

The Rebel 500 can easily withstand hundreds of miles of wear in temperatures above 90°F (32°C). 

Pro Three: Handles Well on Dirt Roads 

If you’re going on a long drive, you may encounter a few dirt roads. 

So, how does the Honda Rebel 500 hold up?

Overall, the Rebel 500 does pretty well on dirt roads as it maintains good traction and has decent shocks. 

However, you should keep in mind that since the Rebel 500 is a street bike, it will not do great on dirt roads that are not at least somewhat smooth. 

Also, remember that when riding the Rebel 500 on dirt roads, it is always best to go slow so that you don’t lose control. 

Pro Four: Gets Good Gas Mileage 

The Honda Rebel 500 achieves an astounding gas mileage when compared to its competitors. 

While the average motorcycle gets between 35-40 mpg (56-64 k/pg), the Honda Rebel 500 manages 62-67 mpg (100-108 k/pg). 

Thus, in some ways, the impressive fuel economy makes up for the small gas tank. 

3 Cons of the Honda Rebel 500 on Long Trips

Even though the Honda Rebel 500 is a good motorcycle to take on long trips, there are some rather significant downsides you should keep in mind. 

Below, I will go through each of them in detail. 

Con One: Uncomfortable Stock Seat 

One of the biggest complaints regarding the Honda Rebel 500 on long drives is the stock seat. 

Those who are taller or heavier than average, in particular, will likely find the stock seat highly uncomfortable on long drives. 

Thus, investing in a more comfortable seat may make sense if you plan to go long distances on your Rebel 500. 

Con Two: Small Fuel Tank 

Although it doesn’t have the smallest gas tank around, the Honda Rebel 500’s fuel tank is relatively minute. 

The fuel tank on the Honda Rebel 500 can hold just under 3 gallons (11 L) of gas. 

Compare that with the average motorcycle, which can carry between 3 gallons (11 L) and 6 gallons (23 L) of fuel. 

Some can even hold as much as 8 gallons (30 L). 

So, if you take the Rebel 500 on a long drive, make sure you allot time for the extra gas station stops. 

Con Three: No Cruise Control 

Yes, I know that not many motorcycles have cruise control, but it sure would make the Rebel 500 more comfortable to take on long rides. 

Does the Honda Rebel 500 Have a Phone Charger?

A black and white close-up photo of Honda Rebel 500 logo.

No, the Honda Rebel 500 does not have a phone charger. 

Does the Honda Rebel 500 Have the Best Fuel Economy of Any Motorcycle?

Although the Honda Rebel 500 gets excellent fuel economy, the Honda NC750X beats it out as it gets between 65-80 mpg (105-129 k/pg). 

There’s also the Royal Enfield Classic 350, a classic-style motorcycle that typically gets 80-95 mpg (129-153 k/pg). 

How Far Can You Go in the Honda Rebel 500 Before You Need to Fill the Gas Tank?

A black and white close-up photo of the Honda Rebel 500 speedometer and gas tank.

On the lower end of the spectrum, you can expect the Honda Rebel 500 to go about 155 miles before you need to fill the tank. 

But, if you are getting the best possible fuel economy, the bike may be able to go up to 200 miles or even more. 

In general, you can expect that you’ll need to fill your tank somewhere around the 175-mile mark. 

How Long Will the Honda Rebel 500 Last?

If you are planning on riding your Honda Rebel 500 on a lot of long-distance trips, you’ll need to know how many miles it can go before you need a new bike. 

Overall, you can expect your Rebel 500 to last for around 80,000 miles (128,748 km). 

Are Honda Rebel 500s Reliable?

Honda Rebel 500 inside a garage.

There’s nothing worse on a road trip than getting stranded with an unusable vehicle. 

So, you need to know, how reliable are Rebel 500s?

Like the other Honda Rebels, the 500 is a pretty reliable motorcycle. 

And luckily, compared to other motorcycles, Rebel 500s are cheap to fix. 

Thus, if something does happen to your bike, you likely won’t have to spend big bucks on repairs. 

Can the Honda Rebel 500 Handle a Passenger?

If you’re thinking of taking a passenger on a long trip on the Rebel 500, you may want to think again. 

Although the bike handles pretty well with an added person and the drop in performance is small, your passenger will likely be pretty uncomfortable. 

The main reason for this discomfort is that the stock seat for the passenger is even more uncomfortable than the pilot seat. 

So, if you want someone to ride with you on your bike, it’s a good idea to install a different seat before you set out. 

What Type of Motorcycle Is Best for Long Distance Riding?

A man wearing a helmet is riding a motorcycle.

Overall, touring motorcycles are best for long-distance riding. 

Touring motorcycles tend to be the most comfortable bikes for long distances as they have high seats and offer lots of protection from the elements. 

They also usually come with more storage space than the average cruiser motorcycle. 

Some touring motorcycles that are particularly good for long distances: 

  • Honda NM4 
  • Honda Gold Wing 
  • Yamaha V Star 1300 Tourer 
  • BMW K 1600 Grand America 
  • Harley Davidson Ultra Limited 


For the most part, the Honda Rebel 500 is a pretty good motorcycle for long drives since it gets good gas mileage and performs well on dirt roads, in high temperatures, and at fast speeds.

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