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Will Dodge Ram 1500 Seats Fit A 2500?

If you need to replace the seats in your Ram 2500, you might be wondering if you can swap them out with seats from another Ram model. 

Other interior and exterior parts are interchangeable between Ram 1500s and 2500s, but does that include the seats?

Fortunately, in most cases, Ram 1500 seats will fit in a Ram 2500 (and vice versa) as long as the two trucks are from the same generation. Sometimes seats will fit across generations, but not always. In general, it’s best to get a replacement seat from the same truck model. 

Replacing the seats in a Ram varies in price, and often you can repair them and/or replace the seat covers.

Will Ram 1500 Seats Fit a Ram 2500?

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The Ram 2500 may be wider than the Ram 1500, but the seats are virtually identical and can be exchanged if the trucks are from the same generation.

That said, even if the trucks are of the same generation, it may be difficult to set up the wiring when swapping seats between models, and you may lose your power-adjusting capabilities. 

Generally, installation is easier if the seat is from the exact same make and model of truck.

For example, if you have a 2010 Ram 2500, your best choice is to get a seat from another 2010 Ram 2500.

What Are the Ram Generations?

Currently, Ram is on the 5th generation of its famous trucks.

You can refer to the list below for your truck’s generation:

  • First Generation – 1981 to 1993 
  • Second Generation – 1994 to 2001 
  • Third Generation – 2002 to 2008 
  • Fourth Generation – 2009 to 2018 
  • Fifth Generation – 2019 to Present. 

When it comes to replacing the seats, understanding the trucks’ generation makes it easier to determine whether the parts are interchangeable. 

For example, a 2003 Ram and a 2007 Ram are both 3rd generation, so you should be able to swap the seats regardless if they are 1500s or 2500s.

In contrast, a 1982 Ram and a 2011 Ram are from different generations, so it’s unlikely the seats will fit.

Will Ram 3500 Seats Fit 1500s and 2500s?

In most cases, Ram 3500 seats will fit in a Ram 1500 or 2500 as long as the trucks are in the same generation.

How Much Are Ram 1500 Seats?

The price of Ram 1500 seats generally depends on their condition and materials.

Front seats in a Ram 1500 cost anywhere from $100 to $900 to replace, and you can expect to pay between $100 and $600 for rear seats.

How Much are Ram 2500 Seats?

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Like the 1500, the price for Ram 2500 seats is based on their quality.

You’ll likely pay between $100 and $500 for front seats and between $200 to $700 for rear seats.

Do Ram 1500 Seat Covers Fit Ram 2500 Seats?

Like the seats themselves, you can exchange the seat covers in Ram trucks if they were made in the same generation.

Occasionally, the covers also fit across generations. 

Most of the time, seat cover manufacturers list which trucks are compatible, removing any guesswork.

How Much are Seat Covers for Ram 1500s and 2500s?

Replacing seat covers can be less expensive than a full seat replacement. 

An entire seat cover set typically costs between $200 and $300 for the Ram 1500 and between $100 and $300 for a Ram 2500.

Can I Install Seats in My Ram That Aren’t the Same Size as the Originals?

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Yes, you can install seats in your Ram that aren’t the same size as the previous ones. 

A good rule of thumb is to install seats that are no more than 20% larger or smaller than the factory seats.

These dimensions ensure the new ones don’t obscure the seat belt buckle or prevent the doors from closing properly. 

When installing new seats, you also need to consider seat height.

For example, if you use seats that are too short for your Ram, you may need to install a pedestal to ensure they fit correctly. 

If you have never installed a seat pedestal before, you should take your Ram to a professional.

Improperly installed seats can be a significant safety issue. 

Furthermore, bolt patterns might not be the same on different-sized seats, so you may have to make modifications to get them in your Ram.

Can I Fix My Ram Seats Instead of Replacing Them?

You can fix your Ram seats instead of replacing them – it’s often cheaper and requires less effort on your part.

How to Fix Small Holes and Tears in Ram 1500 and 2500 Seats

To repair small holes or tears in leather seats, purchase a leather repair kit that matches your seat color.

The kit should have everything you need to repair minor holes and tears, including instructions. 

For cloth seats, you can fix small holes using a patch.

Make sure you buy a patch and an adhesive that can withstand the constant wear of people climbing in and out of the truck. 

You can also use a patch for small tears, but if it’s larger than a few inches, your best bet is to stitch it closed first with a curved needle and strong thread.

After you’ve stitched the hole, you can apply the patch.

How to Fix Extensive Seat Damage in Ram 1500s and 2500s

If the damage to your seat is extensive, you should take your Ram to an upholstery shop where professionals can repair it properly.

Often they can restore seats so well they look like new.

Call the shop first to ensure they work on vehicle seats and for further information about bringing in your car.


Usually, Ram 1500 seats will fit in a Ram 2500 (and vice versa) if the two trucks are part of the same generation.

There may be slight differences across models and styles, but a professional mechanic can likely ensure your new seats fit properly.

If you don’t want to replace the entire seat, you can repair minor upholstery damage yourself or purchase new seat covers. 

For seats with more extensive damage, you may want to consider a replacement to ensure your truck is safe and comfortable.

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