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Will A Dodge RAM 1500 Fit In A Garage?

Pickup trucks are large vehicles made for hard work. They tend to be longer and sit higher than cars, making them more difficult to park. 

Because of their length and height, some people don’t believe a truck can fit in a garage. 

While it may appear oversized, a stock Ram 1500 will fit comfortably in most garages. If you have a garage, parking your truck inside will protect it from theft, damage, and the elements. Adding bed extensions or lift kits to your Dodge truck can make parking difficult, depending on the garage size. 

Parking Your Truck in a Garage

The garage of a blue and white wooden house.

The standard Ram 1500 might seem like a big vehicle, but its dimensions aren’t that much different from a large SUV or car. 

A stock Ram 1500 is about 6.5 ft (2m) high, 7 ft (2.1m) wide, and about 20 ft (6 m) long, but these dimensions don’t include the mirrors sticking out, and wide-angle mirrors can add nearly a foot to that width. 

Even the smallest one-car garage is usually 12 ft (3.6 m) wide and 22 ft (6.7 m) deep. You’ll also have at least 7 ft (2.1 m) of clearance from the ground to the top of the door. 

Other common one-car garage sizes include 14 ft x 22 ft (4.2 m x 6.7 m), 14 ft x 24 ft (4.2 m x 7.3 m), and 16 ft x 24 ft (4.8 m x 7.3 m). Any standard-sized Ram 1500 can easily fit in a space this size, with room around the truck to open the doors and get out. 

Just note you will need to park fairly close to the back wall to keep the bed from obstructing the door. You also won’t have much space on either side, so you’ll need to accommodate that if you’re using your garage for storage.

A two- or three-car garage allows much more clearance on all sides of the vehicle, so parking your Dodge Ram is easier and more comfortable. 

An average two-car garage is 18 ft (5.4 m) wide and 22 ft (6.7 m) deep, while a large three-car garage can be as big as 30 ft by 40 ft (9.1 m x 12 m).

While a stock Ram 1500 will fit in a garage, if you have a modified or oversized truck, you may have more difficulty parking it in a standard garage. 

A normal garage usually has 7-8 ft (2.1-2.4 m) of clearance from the ceiling to the ground, although some garage doors have frames that cut into that space. If you have a lift kit on your truck, it might be too tall to get under the garage door. 

For example, 7 ft (2.1 m) of clearance is 84 inches (213 cm). A 6-inch (15 cm) lift kit will put the top of the truck’s roof at 83.6 inches (212 cm). That’s quite the tight fit. 

Other common add-ons for pickup trucks are light bars attached to the roof. They increase visibility at night and provide good illumination when working in the dark. 

But light bars can add as much as 12 in (30 cm) to the truck’s overall height and may need to be removed to park a Ram 1500 in a garage.

Even something that seems minor, like adding larger tires, can increase the height of the truck by a couple of inches.

Benefits of Parking Your Truck in a Garage

Trucks are made for hard work and usually do well off-roading in rough conditions. Yet, despite their design, there are several benefits to parking your Ram 1500 in a garage.

Keeping your truck inside the garage protects it from theft and damage, with the garage door offering an additional layer of protection. 

Garage parking is especially helpful with push-to-start models that use keyless fobs. Keyless vehicles are fairly easy to break into and prime targets for thieves. 

Even trucks made for off-roading can’t survive in the elements forever. Parking inside your garage protects your vehicle from the weather. 

Rain is a problem for most vehicles, and leaving water on a truck will eventually lead to corrosion, rust spots, and paint damage. Even the sun can fade paint and cause the exterior of your truck to deteriorate slowly.

Weather can also cause rubber components to deteriorate. Your window and door seals are rubber, and when they start to break down, you can end up with water inside the truck. 

Your garage also stays at a fairly consistent temperature. Keeping your truck inside can help prolong the engine’s life by protecting it from large temperature fluctuations. 

Consistent external temperature also makes your heating and air conditioner work better. Your system won’t struggle to warm or cool your truck, allowing it to operate more efficiently. 

Efficiency keeps components from wearing out faster than they normally would, minimizing maintenance and repair costs.


You shouldn’t have any problems parking a Ram 1500 inside a garage. A stock Ram 1500 can fit inside the smallest standard one-car garage without obstructing the door or banging into the walls. 

Remember that mods like light bars, lift kits, or bigger tires could make the truck too tall to clear the doorway. Always measure if your Ram will fit before trying to park it in the garage.

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