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What Size Jack Stands Do You Need for Ram 1500?

Since jacking up a truck can easily lead to an injury, you want to make sure you have a jack that can support the entire weight of your vehicle. 

Thus, before attempting to jack up your Ram, it is important to know what size jack stand you need. 

Since the Ram 1500 weighs between 4,775 pounds and 6,439 pounds, you will need a four-ton-sized jack stand. If you use a jack stand that is too small, you put yourself at risk of severe injury and even death. 

In this article, I will first explain the importance of using the right-sized jack stand, and then I will share the correct-sized jack you should use for a Ram 1500. 

Next, I will detail how high jack stands go as well as the steps you need to take to use jack stands safely. 

Finally, I will state the appropriate jack sizes for the Ram 2500 and 3500.

Importance of Using the Right Jack Stands

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Before discussing the jack stand size you will need for the Ram 1500, let’s go over why using the correct size jack stand is so essential. 

Mainly, you want to use the right-sized jack stand because the risk of jack failure is much higher when the jack stand is too small for the vehicle. 

And jack failure can cause severe injuries and even lead to death. 

Of the approximately 4,000 people who visit the hospital in a given year due to jack failure, approximately: 

  • 40% suffer from bruises and internal bleeding, ranging from minor to severe 
  • 18% suffer from cuts, ranging from mild to severe 
  • 15% suffer from bone fractures and breaks 
  • 5% require an amputation

Thus, as you can see, you want to practice all possible safety precautions when jacking a vehicle, and using the right-sized jack stands is one of the most crucial.

What Size Jack Stands Do I Need for a Ram 1500?

Since the Ram 1500 weighs between 4,775 pounds (2,166 kg) and 6,439 pounds (2,921 kg), you need to use a four-ton jack stand. 

But, you may wonder, what if my particular Ram has a listed weight of fewer than 6,000 pounds (2,722 kg)? 

Would it be safe to use a three-ton jack stand? 

Well, in this case, you may be able to use a three-ton jack stand safely. 

However, you must remember that the weight listed in your vehicle is its curb weight, meaning your truck may actually weigh a bit more than this, especially if you have cargo. 

Therefore, when jacking any Ram 1500, you’re always best off using a four-ton jack stand, as they can safely support up to 8,000 pounds (3,629 kg). 

Note: A metric ton is not the same as a US ton. 

A US ton is 2,000 pounds (907 kg), while a metric ton is 2,205 pounds (1,000 kg). 

So, make sure you know whether your chosen jack stand lists its weight in metric or US tons, especially if you are buying your stand online, to ensure it can hold your truck.

How Much Does a Jack Stand for a Ram 1500 Cost?

You can expect to pay between $50 and $80 for two four-ton jack stands.

How High Do Four-Ton Jack Stands Go?

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How high a four-ton jack stand goes depends on the specific jack. 

In general, four-ton jack stands can raise a car between 16 inches (41 cm) and 21 inches (53 cm).

8 Steps to Safely Use Jack Stands on a Ram 1500

In the following sections, I will detail the proper steps to use jack stands on your Ram 1500.

Step One (Optional): Ask Someone to Help You

It’s always a good idea to have an extra pair of eyes when you’re working on a car. 

Yet, it is particularly important if you are using jack stands because if an emergency occurs, the other person will be able to assist you.

Step Two: Find a Level Surface

Working with your Ram on a level surface will decrease the chances of it falling off the jack stands.

Step Three: Put Your Ram in Park or First Gear

If your Ram has an automatic transmission, put it into park. 

For manuals, shift into first gear. 
You should also engage the parking brake at this time.

Step Four: Use Wheel Chocks

Before you use your jack, you should place wheel chocks under your Ram’s tires. 

Doing so will ensure the truck does not move while you are using the jack stands. 

To use wheel chocks, place the chock in the center of the vehicle’s wheel and then make sure it is as close to the tire as possible.

Step Five: Jack Up Your Ram

Slide a floor jack under one of your vehicle’s lifting points. 

You will find the best lifting points for your specific Ram 1500 in your owner’s manual. 

If you no longer have your owner’s manual, you can find an online version here

Next, pump your jack’s handle until you’ve lifted your Ram as much as you need.

Step Six: Place Your Jack Stands Under the Lifting Points

Now, you should place your jack stands under your vehicle’s lifting points. 

Then, raise your jack stands as close to the lift points as possible. 

You should ensure all your jack stands are at the same height. 

If they aren’t, the truck may slide off them.

Step Seven: Lower Your Ram Onto the Jack Stands

Now, you can slowly lower your floor jack so that the jack stands take all the weight of the vehicle. 

And when doing so, make sure all your jack stands are in the correct position so that they make complete contact with the lifting points.

Step Eight: Check Your Jack Stands

Finally, before you start working on your Ram, you must ensure everything is secure. 

To do so, move to the front of your truck and shove it a few times. 

Then, go to the back of the truck and do the same. 

Doing this will help you ensure that the jack stands are in a secure position and are able to withstand your truck’s weight. 

Also, at this time, you should make sure the jack stands make complete contact with the ground since a tilted stand can easily fall.

What Size Jack Stands Do I Need for the Ram 2500?

a ram 2500 pickup in the middle of a road

The Ram 2500 weighs between 5,988 pounds (2,716 kg) and 7,281 pounds (3,303 kg). 

Thus, you will need a four-ton jack stand for these trucks as well.

What Size Jack Stands Do I Need for the Ram 3500?

Since the Ram 3500 weighs between 6,056 pounds (2,747 kg) and 7,390 pounds (3,352 kg), you will need a four-ton jack stand.


Since the Ram 1500 weighs between 4,775 pounds (2,166 kg) and 6,439 pounds (2,921 kg), you will need to use a four-ton jack stand.

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