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What Does RSCA OFF Button Mean On Toyota Tundra?

All vehicles have buttons and switches to turn different functions on and off. But what does the RSCA OFF button do on a Toyota Tundra?

The RSCA OFF button on the Toyota Tundra turns off the roll-sensing side curtain airbags. These airbags automatically deploy when the vehicle senses that it’s beginning to tip and is a great safety feature for protecting you during a rollover. 

What is the RSCA OFF Button?

The RSCA button is connected to the Roll Sensing Curtain Airbags (RSCA), which are side-curtain airbags and an important safety feature in many Toyota vehicles. 

When activated, the RSCA deploy from the ceiling, covering the windows and protecting the head. If you roll your car, these airbags are meant to cushion everyone in the vehicle from impact. 

With the Tundra, when the sensors detect sudden wobbling or rocking, they release these airbags as a preemptive safety measure. 

The RSCA OFF button deactivates this feature and prevents the curtain airbags from deploying, even if the truck senses a rollover. 

These airbags can save your life during a crash, so that begs the question of why there’s an OFF button to begin with.

Why Would You Deactivate the RSCA Button On Purpose?

The RSCA OFF button exists so you can turn the curtain airbags off and prevent them from deploying. 

But why would you want to?

It boils down to how airbags work – and when. To be effective, the airbags must deploy when the vehicle begins to roll, not in the middle of a rollover.

These side airbags need to inflate before you hit them; otherwise, they could injure the passenger upon deployment or provide inadequate protection during the roll.

The vehicle’s computer gauges the start of a roll based on how quickly the truck sways, not how deep the angle is. The sensors also detect motion that is both side-to-side and up-and-down. 

If you take the truck off-roading, it can easily start wobbling. In fact, for most people, that’s half the fun! 

However, driving over small hills, rocks, or debris that jerks the vehicle around can trick the computer into thinking the truck has begun rolling and can cause the airbags to deploy. 

Since the vehicle isn’t rolling over, this unnecessary precaution is not only inconvenient but also dangerous. 

The airbags can startle or distract you, block your vision, and inadvertently cause an accident. 

The RSCA OFF button exists so in conditions where the airbags could be triggered without cause, you can prevent their deployment. 

When deactivated, you should be able to see the RSCA OFF indicator light located on your dashboard. The button itself may also have a backlight to indicate when the function is turned off.

You should deactivate these airbags only if you’re off-roading or in other rough-road conditions that could cause the airbags to deploy unnecessarily.

Otherwise, these airbags are an important safety feature and should remain activated.

Always turn the feature back on once you head back to smoother roads, and you’ll no longer be rocking the truck. 

How Do I Turn the RSCA Back On? 

To turn the RSCA back on, press the RSCA OFF button again. 

You may need to press and hold the button for three seconds. The indicator light on your dash should turn off, and if the button is backlit, it should also turn off. 

In older models, the function will be restored automatically the next time the vehicle is started. 

If the indicator light does not turn off when you press the RSCA OFF button, try restarting your vehicle. 

If the indicator light is gone, the function has been activated and should work as intended. 

What are the VSC and Trac Buttons on a Toyota Vehicle?

The VSC button controls your vehicle’s Vehicle Stability Control and Traction Control functions. 

The VSC system is designed to help you keep control of your Toyota under adverse conditions like poor roads, snow, ice, or driving on dirt. The TRAC, or traction control system for your vehicle, is also connected to this button. 

Both functions make handling your vehicle easier and help keep you on the road. 

The problem arises when your vehicle gets stuck, as both features can make it more difficult to move the truck when it isn’t being driven. 

The VSC OFF button allows you to disable this feature and make moving your vehicle easier. 

To deactivate, hold the button for three seconds, then release it. You should have two indicators appear on your dash: “VSC OFF” and “TRAC OFF.”

Turning off traction control makes it possible to rock your vehicle or use tire chains in locations where it may become stuck, like in snow or mud.

When you’re ready to drive again, you can reactivate both features with the same button. 

Don’t deactivate the VSC system or the traction control unless necessary. 


The RSCA OFF button on Toyota Tundras turns off the roll-sensing side curtain airbags that automatically deploy if the vehicle senses a rollover. 

The only time you should deactivate this feature is when you’re off-roading or on very rough roads where the vehicle may rock and inadvertently activate the sensors.

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