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How To Reset The Door Code On A Ford F-150?

Whether you just bought a brand new F-150 or want to personalize a used model, changing the door code for the truck is the final step to making it yours. 

So how do you reset the door code of an F-150?

The easiest way to reset a door code is with the factory code. Input the five-digit code, then press 1 and 2 quickly. You then hold 1 and 2 for two seconds, which resets the door code to the factory code and erases previously programmed personal codes. 

Resetting a Ford F-150 Door Code

Resetting the door code on an F-150 can be necessary if you buy a used model that hasn’t been reset yet. It can also be useful if you just want to clear any personal codes that someone else may know. 

To reset the door code, you can follow these steps

  1. Input the five-digit factory code the truck is programmed with. 
  2. Press and release 1 and 2 within five seconds of inputting the factory code. 
  3. Then, hold down 1 and 2 for two seconds. You must do this within five seconds of completing step two. 
  4. The door code has now been reset, all previous codes are erased, and only the factory code will open the door. 

The factory code will be located inside the owner’s manual of your vehicle. If you can’t find it there, check the sticker on the driver’s side of the truck. It’s located in the door frame and is covered when the door is closed. 

It’s the same spot that shows other information about the truck, including the ideal tire pressure. 

You should be able to get the door code from either this sticker or the owner’s manual, but what if you can’t find the factory code at all?

What if I Don’t Have the Factory Code?

If you don’t have the factory code for your Ford F-150, the steps to reset it take a little bit longer. 

The first thing to do is go online and generate a factory code. 

Once you have the new factory code, you should be able to follow the same steps as above to reset the door code of your F-150.

How Do I Input a Personal Door Code?

Factory codes are programmed before the truck leaves the factory and will always work with the vehicle. 

You can also create and use up to four personal codes to unlock the door. 

To set a personal door code on your F-150, follow these steps.

  1. Input the factory code (either the original or a new one generated online).
  2. Press the numbers 1 and 2 on your remote.
  3. Enter the new five-digit code. 
  4. Press 1 and 2 again.
  5. From here, your personal code should be able to lock and unlock the doors. 

Can You Find a Factory Code From a VIN?

If you happen to lose your keys or lock yourself out of your truck and can’t get access to your factory code, don’t worry. 

Locksmiths or mechanics can generate or locate your factory code by decoding the truck’s vehicle identification number (VIN). 

You can also try to do this on your own if you can locate your VIN. 

The easiest places to find your VIN are the front of the engine block, inside the door frame on the driver’s side, on the front end of the frame, and underneath the vehicle’s dash. 

Factory codes depend on where the truck was manufactured. Each digit of the VIN gives information about your vehicle that can be used to find the factory code. 

  • Digit 1: Location of the manufacturer.
  • Digit 2 and 3: Manufacturing company. 
  • Digits 4, 5, 6, 7, 8: Type and size of the vehicle’s engine. 
  • Digit 9: Manufacturer’s security code. 
  • Digit 10: Model and year of the vehicle. 
  • Digit 11: Manufacturing plant where the truck was made. 
  • Digit 12 through 17: Serial number of the vehicle. 

This VIN decoder for Ford vehicles gives you all kinds of helpful information about your truck.

How Do Keyless Vehicles Work?

A white car with its door open.

Push-to-start vehicles are becoming increasingly popular because keyless ignition is incredibly convenient.

But how do they work, and are they safe?

Keyless vehicles use a key fob that sends radio signals to indicate its distance from the vehicle. 

Some fobs let you start the vehicle before you get in, while others only work once the key is inside the car. 

These radio keys are safer than standard ignition keys. 

As long as the vehicle’s computer functions properly, you can’t turn off the engine while in motion. You also can’t remove the key while driving. 

The vehicle also won’t shut off if the fob gets too far away, so even throwing it out the window won’t harm you. 

Most fobs will have a small, toothless key on the bottom. Older vehicles have a visible keyhole in the door handle, and modern keyless vehicles still have one – it’s just hidden. 

The toothless key can lock or unlock the car’s doors in case of a fob malfunction, like if its battery dies or it simply doesn’t work. 

This said, while you can get into the vehicle with the toothless key, you may not be able to get it started.

You’ll have to either replace the battery or troubleshoot the fob issues before you can start the vehicle.


Resetting the door code on an F-150 is a fairly simple process. 

Simply input the factory door code for the vehicle, press 1 and 2 quickly, then hold 1 and 2 for two seconds. 

This erases all personal codes, and only the factory code will work. 

If you can’t locate your factory code, you can decode it using the VIN of the truck or go online and generate one to reset the door code of your F-150.

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