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How to Make a Honda Shadow 750 Faster?

The Honda Shadow is a popular beginner motorbike. It has a comfortable seat, handles well, and is easier to control than larger-engine bikes. 

Like with all starter bikes, most riders eventually want to upgrade to something with more power and speed.

The simplest way to add more power to a Honda Shadow (or any bike) is to increase the air and fuel levels in the engine. You can modify the cleaner to allow more air in, use an aftermarket carburetor to balance the gas-fuel ratio and add a bigger exhaust to safely expel fumes. 

Modifying a Honda Shadow 750

Photo of a red Honda Shadow 750.

Honda introduced their cruiser-style Shadow motorbikes in 1983. Over the years, Shadows have been released with a wide range of engines, running between 250cc and 1100cc.

As of 2011, the Shadow 750 is limited to a single 750cc engine and comes in Spirit, Aero, Phantom, and RS trims. The larger and smaller motors have been relegated to other brands under the Honda name, such as the VTX and Rebel lines.

A 750cc bike is fast enough to legally drive on any highway or interstate in the United States, but it doesn’t have the power that comes with larger engines, like a 1100cc or 1300cc motorcycle. 

The lack of power makes it a great, street-legal bike for beginners – it’s easy to control and not intimidating for novice riders. 

Eventually, some riders will want a more powerful bike. One solution would be to upgrade to a larger-engined motorcycle, but another is to modify the Shadow to increase its power. 

The easiest way to upgrade a Shadow is to increase airflow into the engine, either by modifying the air cleaner or installing an aftermarket air intake. 

But, if more air goes in, it’ll mess up the air-fuel ratio in the engine. You’ll also need to increase fuel by re-jetting the carburetor or modifying the fuel injectors. 

You will also have to manage the extra exhaust generated by the additional fuel with a larger, aftermarket exhaust system and larger pipes.

Alternatively, you could open up the stock exhaust system by drilling larger holes. However, this method is less reliable, not as safe, and will likely void your warranty. 

You can also add a few modifications to the bike to help increase its power without harming the engine. 

The Honda Shadow can take on a 4-degree timing mod that can change the timing for the engine strokes. In most cases, you’ll be able to squeeze out a little more performance from the engine. 

Bean box mods or re-jetting the pistons and drag pipes can also help increase power for a while. You may need to run higher octane fuels when the temperature outside gets too warm. 

While you can increase the horsepower of a Honda Shadow 750, unfortunately, you won’t gain as much as you think, and the increase may be short-lived. 

In the end, the differences might not be enough, and if your Shadow isn’t as fast as you would like, your best (and safest) option is to buy a larger bike. 

Honda Shadow Top Speed

While Honda Shadows made after 2011 all come with 750cc engines, you can find older bikes with 1100cc engines in great shape. 

The Honda Shadow 750 has its top speed listed at 95 miles per hour (152 km per hour) – it just might take longer to accelerate than its larger-engine cousins. 

With its 1100cc engine, the Honda Shadow Saber can reach 112 mph (180 km/h) officially, but riders have pushed it to over 120 miles per hour (190 km/h). 

The Shadow 750 is powerful enough to safely reach highway speeds anywhere in the US. The fastest highway is in Texas, but the speed limit tops out at 85 miles per hour (136 km/h). 

The 2022 Honda 750 puts out 46.7 horsepower with 47.9 lb/ft (6.6 kgf/m) torque and gets around 56 miles per gallon (23 km/L). 

If you modify the bike and make it more powerful, you can expect to get close to 50 horsepower and lb/ft of torque (8.3 kgf/m). With such a small increase in power, you’ll likely only get your Shadow up to 100 mph (160 km/h), and unfortunately, you’ll also lose a decent amount of fuel efficiency. 

You will see improvements in acceleration, reaching top speeds faster than before. 


Increasing the airflow, fuel injection, and widening the exhaust ports will help you squeeze out a little more power from your Honda Shadow 750. You can also install a few other aftermarket mods to maximize your bike’s performance.

In the end, if you want a more powerful bike, it’s best to just buy a bigger one. The 750 can’t be modified to compete with larger-engined bikes.

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