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How To Lock A Ford F-150 With A Keypad?

The SecuriCode keypad is a convenient and keyless way to lock and unlock your F-150 using the keypad on your door handle.

The keypad might seem hard to navigate if you just got your truck. Luckily, it’s easier than it looks.

To lock your F-150 with your keypad, ensure the driver’s side door is closed and then press and hold 7/8 and 9/0 simultaneously. To unlock your truck, enter the factory-set five-digit code or your personal code, then press and hold 3/4.

When you want to open your trunk, enter the factory-set five-digit code or your personal code, then press and hold 5/6.

Make sure to key in the numbers slowly. If you enter them too quickly, the door won’t open.

How To Program a Personal Entry Code on the F-150 Keypad

Though the F-150 (and other Ford vehicles) come with a pre-set security code, Ford allows you to program your own.

You can program up to five personal entry codes.

To start, find the pre-set security code on your owner’s wallet card in the glove compartment. (Don’t worry if you’ve lost your card, there’s a way to retrieve your code, discussed below).

Proceed with these steps:

  • Key in the five-digit factory-set code.
  • Press 1/2 on the keypad within five seconds.
  • Enter your new code (input each number in five-second intervals)
  • Press 3/4 to enter your second code.
  • Press 5/6 to enter your third code.
  • Press 7/8 to enter your fourth code.
  • Press 9/0 to enter your fifth code.

When entering your new code:

  • Do not base it on a single number, e.g., 33333
  • Do not use a sequence, e.g., 12345.

Keep in mind that your new code doesn’t erase the factory code.

Also, ensure to enter the correct code when unlocking your car, as the keypad goes into an anti-scan mode after seven wrong tries. 

When you trigger the anti-scan, the keypad lamp flashes, then locks the keypad for one minute before you can try again.

Anti-scan mode also turns off after:

  • You unlock your truck using the remote control.
  • You unlock your truck using Intelligent Access.
  • You turn on the ignition.

How To Program a Personal Entry Code Using SYNC

The Ford SecuriCode allows you to program your entry code using SYNC 3 or SYNC® with MyFord Touch.

Similar to using the keypad, you need your factory-set code before you can do the following:


Navigate to “Settings” on your SYNC screen and click “Vehicle tile.”

Go to “Door Keypad Code” and key in your pre-set entry code.

Click “Add” and set up your new entry code.

Don’t use numbers in a sequence or five of the same number.

SYNC with MyFord Touch

Click the Gear icon on your screen and tap “Vehicle.”

Go to “Door Keypad Code,” enter your factory-set entry code, and click “Add” to set up your new code.

Don’t forget that you can add up to five personal entry codes.

How To Retrieve the Factory-Set Entry Code

The steps to retrieve your factory-set entry code depend on your key type.

You can use the Smart Key or the Intelligent Access key.

Smart Key

The Smart Key doubles up as your ignition key.

To retrieve the factory-set code, you need both keys that came with your truck.

Start by turning on the ignition with one key and letting the vehicle run for a few seconds.

Switch off the truck, take out the key, and turn on the ignition with the second key.

Your factory-set code will pop up on the instrument panel above the steering wheel.

It displays for only a few seconds, so have a pen and paper (or phone camera) ready.

If you only have one key, you’ll have to get your code from the nearest Ford dealership.

The attendant will ask for your personal and vehicle information, so make sure to carry:

  • I.D. (state-issued or Driver’s License)
  • Proof of your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and name. 

Proof of VIN includes the current Vehicle Registration, Vehicle Title, or Bill of Sale.

Fees may apply during the process.

Intelligent Access Key

Like the Smart Key process, you’ll need the two Intelligent Access Keys that came with your vehicle.

If you don’t have them, head to the nearest Ford dealership or contact your dealer.

To retrieve your code, put the first key in the backup slot (where you place your key fob when you can’t start the truck).

If you can’t find your backup slot, go to the “Starting and Stopping the Engine” section in your owner’s manual.

Find the instructions on “Keyless Starting” and read through “If you are unable to start your vehicle.”

Once your key is in the slot, press the START/STOP button once, then wait five seconds.

Press the START/STOP button again, then take out the key.

Insert your second key and press the START/STOP button.

Your code will pop up on the instrument panel for a few seconds.  

Is the Ford Keypad Reliable?

Ford’s SecuriCode keypad is as reliable as they come.

First released in 1980, the feature is synonymous with Ford vehicles, with its competitors still failing to make a better alternative 42 years later.

With the SecuriCode, you don’t have to worry about losing your keys if you’re fond of outdoor activities. Lock them inside your car and retrieve them by entering your code.

You can also keep your phone and valuables inside the truck if you don’t want to carry them or are afraid of losing them. Just store them somewhere unseen for added security.

The SecuriCode has existed this long partly due to its simplicity and customer approval. 

The continuation of this keyless entry feature is also a testament to Ford’s technological adaptations that keep the SecuriCode system safe and secure.


The Ford SecuriCode keypad is one of the few features in a vehicle solely associated with one brand, and using the door-mounted keypad is simpler and more secure than relying on your key.

To get the most out of the SecuriCode system, you can use the factory-set code or set up your own. 

If there comes a time when you need to erase your code, follow these steps:

  • Key in the factory-set code
  • Press and release 1/2
  • Press and hold 1/2 for a couple of seconds.

Refer to your owner’s manual or contact your dealer if you have trouble with the system.

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