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Can a Honda Ridgeline Be Flat Towed?

Flat towing makes traveling with both your RV and car much more manageable. 

Unfortunately, though, you can’t flat tow just any vehicle. 

So, the question is, if you have a Honda Ridgeline, is it possible to flat tow it behind an RV?

You can not flat tow a Honda Ridgeline. Honda does not recommend flat towing any year or trim of the Ridgeline. If you try to flat tow a Ridgeline, you will almost certainly damage the transmission even if you only travel a short distance. 

In this article, I will explain whether you can flat tow a Honda Ridgeline as well as if you can dolly tow it. 

I will also describe the best way to tow the Honda Ridgeline, how to tow a Ridgeline behind an RV, and whether you can pull a camper with a Ridgeline. 

I will finish this article by listing the Hondas and mid-sized trucks you can flat tow. 

Can I Flat Tow a Honda Ridgeline?

A gray Honda Ridgeline in an auto show.

No, you can not flat tow any year or trim of the Honda Ridgeline. 

You see, for the most part, you can only flat tow manual transmission vehicles

And since you can not get a Ridgeline with a manual transmission, you can not flat tow them. 

Will Something Bad Happen if I Flat Tow My Honda Ridgeline? 

If you try to flat tow a Honda Ridgeline, you will almost certainly damage the transmission and other parts of the drivetrain

And extensive damage to these areas of your truck will be costly to repair. 

Can I Dolly Tow a Honda Ridgeline?

For the most part, you can only dolly tow a Honda Ridgeline if it is a two-wheel drive vehicle. 

However, most Ridgelines are four-wheel drive. 

You see, dolly towing a two-wheel drive vehicle is easy because you just have to put the dolly on the car’s drive wheels. 

So, for example, on a front-wheel drive vehicle, you would need to put the front wheels on the dolly. 

Because if you leave the drive wheels on the ground during towing, you can easily damage the transmission. 

With four-wheel drive vehicles, though, all the wheels are drive wheels. 

Thus, you will have to lift all the wheels off the ground to tow it, which you can’t do when dolly towing. 

However, it is possible to dolly tow a four-wheel drive if you disengage the driveshaft, but this is rather difficult to do. 

What Is the Best Way to Tow a Honda Ridgeline?

A car is being loaded into a flatbed truck.

The best way to tow a Honda Ridgeline is with a flatbed trailer. 

A flatbed will allow you to tow the truck with all four wheels off the road so that the vehicle is at no risk of damage. 

How Can I Tow a Honda Ridgeline Behind My RV?

The best way to tow a Honda Ridgeline behind an RV is to use a flatbed trailer. 

But, before attempting to do this, you must remember that you’ll need a rather big trailer to tow a Ridgeline since it is not a small vehicle. 

The Honda Ridgeline is 17 feet and 6 inches (5.3 m) long and 6 feet and 7 inches (2 m) wide, so you will need a trailer that is at least this big, preferably a bit larger. 

You also need to keep in mind that a typical 20-foot (6.1 m) flatbed trailer weighs around 3,000 pounds (1,361 kg), and a Honda Ridgeline weighs about 4,500 pounds (2,041 kg). 

Thus, you will need an RV that can carry all this weight. 

How Much Weight Can an RV Tow?

How much weight your RV can tow depends on the type of RV you have. 

For instance, a standard Class B RV can tow up to 5,000 pounds (2,268 kg). 

Meanwhile, a Class A can typically tow 10,000 pounds (4,536 kg). 

Some RVs can tow even more than this, and you may need one of these heavy-duty RVs to tow a Honda Ridgeline with the trailer. 

How Can I Determine How Much Weight My RV Can Tow?

To determine how much weight your RV can safely tow, you need to figure out its towing capacity. 

You can typically find the towing capacity for your RV on the driver’s side door jamb or in the owner’s manual. 

Or, if you can’t find this information, you can contact your RV’s manufacturer. 

And remember that when you call, you will need to know the year, model, and likely the trim of your RV. 

So, you should have that information ready before you reach out to the manufacturer. 

Can I Tow a Camper With My Honda Ridgeline?

A camper at a camping ground.

Since you now know you can’t flat tow a Ridgeline behind your RV, you may consider getting a smaller camper and towing it behind your Honda instead. 

And luckily, you can tow most pop-up campers behind your Ridgeline. 

Just keep in mind, though, that a Ridgeline can not tow more than 5,000 pounds (2,268 kg). 

Thus, you must ensure your camper and towing setup do not exceed this weight. 


In conclusion, you can not flat tow the Honda Ridgeline. 

Instead, you need to use a flatbed trailer to pull this truck behind your RV.

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